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Our online EHub provides over a 1100 self-paced, multi-media bite size training programmes set against our Competency Professional Development Framework, available here at Your Fingertips. This is a training hub of excellence written by a team of experts addressing the attitudes, skills, knowledge and competencies required to work effectively in the disability sector. We have translated HIQA Policy Standards and Regulations into 6 Core Competencies and set each of the training programmes against them.

Individual Modules

Over 1100 modules from one hour to ten hours across Disability Care, Workplaces Essentials, Computer and Soft Skills and more. Record notes as you learn, and share your reflections collaboratively with supervision on your ePortfolio. Receive a Certificate of Learning for CPD monitoring on successful completion of modules.

Understanding and Supporting series

Just to name a few

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Coming Soon Learning pathways

Restrictive Practice Reduction Learning Pathway

Includes 8 Bite Size Lunchtime Modules, ideal for busy managers who are charged with overseeing practices, developing policies or for anyone who is trying to navigate through the mirid of issues and challenges associated with the risks of restrictive practices

  1. Restrictive Practice Reduction Learning PathwayWhat is Restrictive Practices
  2. Decision making, Legal and ethical issues
  3. Documentation process and Supporting Data Driven Decision
  4. Governance and Leadership
  5. HIQA regulations
  6. Workforce competencies
  7. Risk assessment and management and reduction of use planning
  8. Restriction review committees


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