The Countdown is on for the Registration of Social Care Workers 

The Social Care Workers Register will open on the 30th of November 2023, according to the Social Care Workers Registration Board. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is one of the key mechanisms used to foster high standards of professional conduct and professional education, training, and competence among registrants. This requires social care workers to keep their knowledge and skills up to date. CPD is a mechanism for maintaining registrants professional knowledge and skills. We have put together some course bundles for Health & Social Care Professionals, Person In Charge & Registered Providers to help them with their Continuing Professional Development (CPD)!

Discover how The National Institute of Intellectual Disability Studies eHub one-stop shop can support you to keep updated with all your CPD requirements.

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Start with our Competency Framework

Our Competency Framework has 6 Core Competencies, Over 400 Different Touch Points & Guided Pathways! Available to purchase - click here


Individuals – adopting it to provide guidance and structure to guide CPD

Organisations - adopting the Competency Framework as an organisational development tool

  • Provides role clarity within a Person Centered Framework of Support
  • Providing a structure that they can use to identify competency gaps and set priorities for Continuing Professional Development
  • Gain greater depth of insight into what service users need and want.
  • Prepare for promotional grades.
  • Provides guidance for reflectivity and reflective practice and development of CPD portfolio
  • Meet the expectations of the Professional Code of Conduct and Ethics or The Standards of Proficiencies.
  • Provides clear expectations of staff members and reinforces behaviours and practices in line with the organisation’s mission, culture, goals and regulatory requirements.
  • Facilitates human resource management in an integrated way, enhancing consistency in planning, recruitment, retention, learning and development, and performance management.
  • Identifies skill gaps which can be addressed.
  • Clarifies career progression.
  • Improve staff mobility, organizational change and shaping of the organisations culture.

Health & Social Care Professionals Course Bundles 



Person in Charge & Registered Providers Course Bundles

Now Available on our eHub - https://niids.myvcampus.com/product-category/all-courses/cpd-bundles/ 

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/supervision-bundle-pics-registered-providers/

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/problem-solving-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/ 

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/building-successful-teams-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/ 

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/making-team-meetings-work-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/ 

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/diversity-in-the-workplace-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/dealing-with-difficult-issues-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/ 

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/building-employee-capability-and-performance-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/management-essential-skills-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/

To purchase this Course Bundle - https://niids.myvcampus.com/shop/preparing-for-the-next-step-bundle-pics-and-registered-providers/ 


If you are an organisation and looking to implement these courses with your own training platform contact our Team today!

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Online Learning (eHub)

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