Relationships & Sexuality Programmes

Sexuality and Relationship Development Programmes

This is a series of programmes designed by the National Institute of Intellectual Disability Studies, along with Dr Michelle McCarthy, University of Kent Tizard Center. The purpose is to provide frontline staff with the values,  attitudes, competence, knowledge, and skills to support people with Intellectual disabilities with their relationship development, sexual development, and expression.  

The programme draws on the findings from research we conducted in Ireland into the real experiences of people with Intellectual disabilities. We asked them. how they live and what they think they need and want. Martha McGinn conducted the research under the supervision of Dr Hilary Brown. To purchase these programmes click here

Our 6 Modules are now available to purchase - 


Online Learning (eHub)

Our online EHub provides over a 1100 self-paced, multi-media bite size training programmes set against our Competency Professional Development Framework, available here at Your Fingertips.

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