Achieving Organisational Success by Support Staff Competence (AOSSSC©)


AOSSSC© is a Training Model set against our Competency Framework and developed to enable Organisations to implement a process of Continuous Improvement within their Workforce Development Plans.

Benefits of this programme

  • A blueprint for excellence giving focus for staff development and continuous Workforce Development
  • Access to over 700 eHub online courses
  • Reduce staff turnover and attract and retain the right staff
  • Provide an effective trackable supervision, appraisal and review system
  • Align staff and organisational objectives through our suite of appraisals, supervision contracts, training, learning pathways and ePortfolios’.
  • Create Personal and Professional Plans to Implement Continuous Improvement Motivate
  • Improve Staff competence through Goal setting, Development & Promotion


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Suite of resources in the AOSSSC© programme

  1. Competency Framework - sets out a blueprint for excellence in  performance within the child and adult disability sector.
  2. Appraisal Tools - which can be used to link organisational objectives with staff  development planning. 
  3. Supervision Tools - designed to embed supervision in the organisations culture.
  4. Reflective Lens - provides supervisors with a lens to focus the development of each  of the competency areas and link to practice. 
  5. eHub - an eLearning hub of excellence written by our team of experts specifically  addressing the training needs of the child and adult care sector, offering learning  pathways, and a range of CPD solutions with links to our Competency Framework.
  6. ePortfolio - a tool to host all learning activity, reflections, certificates and plans for future  learning and development. 

Effective, Continuous, Improvement

The Competency Framework has been developed through extended frontline experience, and is aligned with the modern legal, regulatory and policy environment in Ireland today, in particular the HIQA Standards. The Framework implements a programme of continuous development, allowing you to meet new policy guides, monitor and improve all parts of the workforce development cycle, and quickly identify and respond to gaps within your organisation.

We conducted a feasibility study in the disability sector part funded by the Kildare Enterprise Board in 2017. The results informed us that organisations were looking to embark on large scale improvement initiatives but faced many challenges such as, they :

  • lacked the manpower
  • specialism
  • accreditation routes
  • resources or finance to develop the strategic workforce tools they required

Following on from these findings, we developed the following tools and capabilities for the disability sector. We took the Swiss cheese model which is a model of defensive barriers and reversed it, to set out the detail of what a successful organisation looks like. Having undertaken further research, we merged our expertise with powerful digital tools to provide organisations with an unprecedented amount of capability to improve the services they offer and to navigate them towards a totally Person Centered Focused service, meeting HIQA regulations and fulfilling other legislative obligations.

Our tools assist organisations to become proactive, providing them with the means to get ahead, avoid reputational damage and become centres of excellence.

Competency Development Framework

Our workforce tools are developed against a competency framework which is a blueprint for best practice in disability services. Our competency framework sets out the role of different staff within the organisation which can be used for staff recruitment, development, mentoring, supervision, appraisal, monitoring and preparing staff for progression. It is designed to support organisations to meet the modern expectations and demands within the disability sector.

Competency Framework was developed following extensive research in order to enable organisations implement a cycle of continuous Improvement. The Core Knowledge and Skills Areas within our framework are based on six core principles which we identified from HIQA standards and New Directions. The core areas are common to all professionals in the sector. These include:


Benefits includes

  • Clearly defines roles for Direct Support Works, Supervisors and Managers
  • Allows organisations to tailor their training needs based on identifying attitude, knowledge and skills gaps within their workforce
  • Create Individual staff Personal and Professional Plans to Implement Continuous Improvement
  • Motivate and Improve Staff through:
  • Goal setting
  • Development
  • Promotion

Why implement a Competency Framework?

Understand the benefits of implementing a Continuous Training cycle to your Organisation.

Reduce Staff Turnover
Create Personal Development Plans for each member of staff. Encourage career development and sustain engagement by goal-setting and practitioner programmes
Meet HIQA Policy
Implement a cohesive and scalable Continuous Improvement process to your organisation, as outlined by HIQA’s 2017 National Standards regulatory policy
Improve Your Recruitment Process
Identify missing competencies in your organisation. Streamline your recruitment process by quickly accessing new recruits skills. Tailor induction plans
Simplify Induction Training
Quickly assess the skills of new recruits. Tailor induction training based on gaps in their competency. Develop skills inline with your organisational needs
Track Organisational Compliance

Demonstrate clear, recorded, staff improvement to ensure your organisation remains compliance with continuous development policy

Organisational Oversight
Access a clear overview of your organisation’s competency at any stage. Respond to gaps by immediately up-skilling staff through competency based modules on eHub
Competency Framework - Now Available to Purchase - only €79.99 
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