Intellectual Disability and Dementia

People with Down syndrome also have an increased risk of dementia with 15 to 40% lifetime prevalence (Prasher and Krishnan 1996). Dementia is a decline in cognitive ability which negatively affects mental abilities such as memory, thinking, language and independent living. Dementia is a progressive extreme decline of cognitive impairment. Supporting people with Intellectual Disability and Dementia is a complex area of care.

This programme is designed to provide frontline workers and managers with the necessary skills to support those who have Intellectual Disability and Dementia following national and international best practice standards in Dementia Care.

  • Understanding dementia types, symptoms, progression and impact on day to day life
  • Communication and strategies to support people with Dementia
  • Person-centred care for people with dementia
  • Reminiscence and Life story Work for people with Dementia
  • Palliative care approach.
  • Appropriate meaningful activation for people with Dementia
  • Specific Care planning for people with dementia
  • Legal aspects of care
  • Promoting well-being and social connectiveness
  • Understanding the factors which need to exist to provide suitable environments for a person with dementia
  • Creating Restraint Free Environments. 


Continuous Professional Development

CPD is any activity that contributes to a professional’s learning and development. It can be as diverse as completing a course, reflecting on work practices through supervision or researching a new technique or reading a related article. The activity (i.e. action) can be viewed as CPD, as long as it enables the Social Care Worker to apply this learning through reflection or practical application in their professional life.



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