Person Centered Planning

Person Centred PlanningThe NDA defines PCP as a “way of discovering how a person wants to live their life and what is required to make that possible. The overall aim of PCP is good planning leading to positive changes in people’s lives and services”

Person Centred Planning is a way of supporting and empowering people with disabilities to make some choices and changes in their life. It is a positive and enabling approach that helps people to make plans for their future and organise the support and services they need. It seeks to reflect the way ordinary people make plans. Everyone plans their life in different ways. Some people have very clear thoughts about what they want and how to achieve it. Others take opportunities as they arise. Person Centred Planning is embedded in the principle that disabled people are entitled to the same rights, opportunities, and choices as other members of the community

Key principals in Person Centred Planning

  • Person Centred Planning is from the individual’s perspective
  • It requires creative and innovative approaches which looks at what is possible
  • Takes account of all resources which exist rather than just those available within services.
  • It requires commitment from those who support people with disabilities
  • It’s an art not a science
  • The plan is not the objective the implementation is.

The HSE conducted a literature review which suggests that the four elements of PCP presented in the NDA 2005 guidelines are still valid today. The review highlighted relevant aspects to the implementation of PCP. Training forms a critical part of an implementation strategy, but is considered best if accompanied by the 4 following elements.

Key elements of good practice

  1. Establishing a framework
  2. Clarifying roles and responsibilities and identifying any training and support that will be required
  3. Identifying plan-facilitators and ensuring that they are adequately trained, experienced and supported
  4. Establishing mechanisms of ongoing communication, plan management and the monitoring, evaluation, review and development of the PCP process

Source: Guidelines on Person Centred Planning in the Provision of Services for People with Disabilities in Ireland.

Training has been identified as a core component of PCP implementation. The value base of PCP should be the focus of training for all staff working in the organisation including managers. The following training areas have been recommended for PCP stakeholders. Source: HSE 2017 A Literature Review to Inform the Development of a National Framework for Person-Centred Planning in Disability Services


We have a series of programmes which include training for:

Staff implementing PCP

Training on PCP implementation, human rights, communication skills and person-centred active support. – 2 day training

PCP facilitators

Training on PCP context and values, PCP facilitation and implementation strategies such as communication with an emphasis on listening and community inclusion. – 4 day training


Objectives of Programme

Learners will develop the following relevant to their role:

  • Valuable insight into the lives of a person with a disability, highlight their capabilities and achievements as well as their support needs.
  • Understanding what is required, for people with disabilities to live independent lives and meet their full potential.
  • Identify barriers, such as legal, environmental, accessibility and attitudes of others.
  • Knowledge of the right attitudes, values and understand the complex issues of living with a disability
  • Understanding of strengths-based support, which potentially can remove some of those barriers and enhance and enrich their lives.


Other Training

  • PETMA©Supporting People with Autism
  • Positive Behaviour Support
  • PETMA©
  • Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Dementia and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities


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