Relationship and Sexuality Training

The purpose of these programmes is to equip the staff with the knowledge, skill and competence to respond appropriately to sexuality issues that may arise in daily situations when working with individuals with an intellectual disability.  It will  encourage the learner to reflect on attitudes towards the sexual development and sexual expression of individuals with an intellectual disability

Topics covered

  • Patterns of development of sexuality and sexual expression
  • Issues of confidentiality
  • Legal aspects
  • Myth busting – attitudes and their impact
  • PLISSIT Model
  • Talking to service users about sex – sex education
  • Levels of sexual behaviour
  • Working with Families

Target Group – Frontline workers in residential, day service, respite and schools

Length of programme (3 – 5 day programme )



Continuous Professional Development

CPD is any activity that contributes to a professional’s learning and development. It can be as diverse as completing a course, reflecting on work practices through supervision or researching a new technique or reading a related article. The activity (i.e. action) can be viewed as CPD, as long as it enables the Social Care Worker to apply this learning through reflection or practical application in their professional life.


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