Safe Administration of Medication Series

Our training programmes in the Safe Administration of Medication are designed for the wider healthcare team, specifically Social Care Workers and HCA’s who are working with vulnerable groups with disabilities or looked after children in support services, residential, day, respite and or home support services who are unable to self- administer.

Safe Administration of Medication

Safe Administration of Medication2-day foundation competency based training programme in the Safe Administration of Medication This programme focuses on the basics of Safe Administrative practices of oral, liquid, capsule medication, safe administration of inhalers, eye, ear, nose drops, skin applications including patches. How to read a prescription and use the MIMS

After successful completion of the foundation programme, learners can progress to short teaching programmes on specific conditions and the supports required including the safe administration of medication associated with these conditions.

The addendums are as follows:

  1. Refresher Safe Administration of Medication
  2. Epilepsy and Safe Administration of Buccal Midazolam
  3. Safe Administration of Intimate Care Medication such as pessaries, suppositories and or enemas
  4. Respiratory Conditions and Safe Administration of Nebulisers Oxygen
  5. Diabetes and Safe Administration of Insulin
  6. Safe Administration of Medication via a PEG

The Safe Administration of Medication Series were developed by Martha McGinn Training and Consultation set against the Royal Pharmaceutical Principles and quality assurance system following a review of the needs of organisations supporting people with disabilities. The reviewer feedback indicated that there was evidence that all principles and QA measures were met to a very high standard. The principles and quality assurances were as follows:

  1. Principle 1
    Organisational commitment to education and development
  2. Principle 2
    Delivers and achieves learning outcomes
  3. Principle
    Assurance of service users safety is being addressed in all areas of training and development
  4. Principle 4
    Assurance of the management and quality assurance systems
  5. Principle 5
    Alignment with RPS professional development frameworks and curricula
  6. Principle 6
    Adherence to principles of good governance


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